I’ve got the Monday morning blues.

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On Monday morning, my bed is a cradle of happy, dreamy warmth.

My shower is a warm rain forest of pleasant smells and sensations.

My bathroom is a steaming, therapeutic sauna.

My moisturizer is a luxuriant balm.

On Monday morning, my closet is a frustrating turmoil of disturbing options.

The good bras are nowhere to be found.

Everything I put on feels constrictive.

My pants feel like incarceration.

I shudder as I zip them up.

I curl my lip as I imprison my whimpering summer toes in melancholy loafers.

On Monday morning, the coffee is weak, no matter the strain.

I stare blankly into the refrigerator, hoping lunch will make itself.

It doesn’t.

I am — I think — justifiably aggravated.

On Monday morning, my home claws at my legs like a cat as I leave it behind.

I put my car into reverse and pull out of the driveway, and I wish it would break down.

Maybe the tires will go flat.

All four at once.

I’d be good with that.

On Monday morning, I wish for torrential hailstorms.

I envision roads filled with absurd amounts of ice that would take hours or days to clear.

Any of Mother Nature’s obstacles would be appropriate; be it lightning, thunder, a hurricane, or a typhoon.

On Monday morning, my car looks heartbroken as I leave it alone in the parking lot.

We could have adventures today, its disappointed headlights say. Don’t go.

My legs protest as I move toward my office door.

They’re molasses.

They’re sludge.

They’re lead.

On Monday morning, I am a grumbling ogre with four letter words slinging their way behind my puffy eyes.

Anyone who looks perky gets the stink eye.

I slump to my desk chair and open my email.

Ready or not, my Monday has begun.

Esther Hofknecht Curtis, MSM-HCA is an independent writer living in Dover, Delaware. Follow her on Facebook — go to https://www.facebook.com/TheArdentReader19977/

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