My Millennial Boss:

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7 min readJul 13, 2022

The story of true leadership and how it impacted my life and career

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At age 39, I’d been working for at least 25 years. I’d had a few vacations here and there, but I’d never taken any serious time off between jobs.

I worked for a major hospital system. My boss was inept, lazy, and unwilling to do his own work. He liked it better when I did his work.

When he showed his abusive side, I realized I was not willing to accept this behavior in exchange for a paycheck.

Not anymore.

I am smart.

I am capable.

I collect skills like some people collect baseball cards.

I have my fucking master’s degree.

And I am a gritty-ass hustler and I had done some pretty shitty jobs and I had put in my time.

So I put in my notice, and three weeks later, I was gone.

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I had several interviews with a larger health system, but they had issues, too.

For one job, I endured four interviews and the final insult of an acute examination of my qualifications, old fashioned high school oral test style…



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