Strength comes when you need it most.

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Today, you face what you fear the most

But you know you have no choice

You heart is pounding in your ears

There’s shaking in your voice

You haven’t slept for two whole days

Your brain just will not rest

Visions of failure and future shame

Stir horror in your chest

The morning breaks with rainy drear

And you feel a dark dismay

The tightness in your chest is real

You dress your best anyway

You leave your cozy home behind

And take to flooded streets

Your heart begs to go back to bed

As the rain comes down in sheets

The building looms before you

As you approach its doors

You see a haggard reflection

And realize that it’s yours

As you turn the double doors

You feel like a tightening screw

Somehow your legs obey your will

And amble you on through

You realize that you’ve come this far

And you haven’t lost your grit

You’re tired, scared, and worried

But you know you just can’t quit

Halfway through the difficult day

You realize you’re still strong

You’ve held up through the hardest part

But things could still go wrong

As the verdict’s handed down

You know you’ve done your best

You’ve stood fast through the whole ordeal

It’s up to fate to do the rest

Esther Hofknecht Curtis, MSM-HCA is a freelance writer living in Dover, Delaware. Follow her on Facebook — go to

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