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“A bag full of carrots on the soil in Dambulla” by Thomas Gamstaetter on Unsplash

Humans are curious creatures.

Sometimes, a product’s story draws us to a product more than the product itself.

I’ll give you a great example:

When my beau and I were visiting the Downtown Salt Lake City Farmer’s Market two years ago, we walked around to every vendor to see what they had to offer.

About twenty different vendors were selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

Which one was best? I didn’t know.

Then it didn’t matter.

Because I came across the Green Thumb Program for the Utah Dept. of Corrections.

The Green Thumb Program provides agricultural training for its inmates while they’re paying their debt to society.

They bring their fresh fruits and vegetables to the Downtown Salt Lake City Farmer’s Market to sell them.

It was surreal. Armed guards stood watch over the prisoners as they stocked their booth and sold their goods.

The prisoners were friendly and talkative, engaging with their customers. I read their pamphlets and was absolutely fascinated.

I think I bought an apple and a pear. They were good quality.

I don’t remember anything else; I just know my money went to support the prisoners in their quest for rehabilitation through work.

I could have gotten great fruit from any vendor at that farmer’s market, but I bought it from the Green Thumb Program because their mission resonated with me.

Selling your product is as much about telling your story as it is about having a great product. If you don’t tell your story, who will?

Esther Hofknecht Curtis is a freelance writer from Smyrna, Delaware. Go to to learn more.

Book nerd and freelance writer finding gold in ordinary places. Email me at Visit

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