This is my last story on Medium.

Artsy Fartsy Parrot Mama
1 min readJul 26, 2022
Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash

I’ll tell you why.

I have been writing on Medium for four years. In that time I have made — on average — $1 per month.

My Medium income has risen incrementally over the years, but not enough to keep me writing.

In 2021, I made a grand total of $37.

My words matter. And yours do, too.

Is pouring your heart out for countless hours worth $1 per month?

It’s not worth it to me.

I’ll remain active on this platform, and I’ll always follow back.

I’ll treasure the support I’ve received from other writers.

I’ll treasure the comments — even the snarky ones.

Especially the snarky ones.

Much love and gratitude is due to Medium for giving me the opportunity to connect with other writers.

But, dear heart, our relationship is only benefiting one party: Medium.

Take care.

Do good things.

Spread love, knowledge, joy, and peace.

My time here is done.

Esther Hofknecht Curtis, MSM-HCA is an independent writer who knows her hard work and ideas are worth more than Medium is willing to pay her. Reach out to her via email at



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